Tommy Mazza Goes Tapeless!

" I find I am truely content when I’m being creative.​"

How this all happened?

I was born into a creative artistic family and at the age of 5 I was drawn to the stage. I was never pushed. I ran on my own. 

Singer, dancer, actor, entertainer, lights, camera, Action!!!

In 1992 I received a Hi8mm camcorder and I became my own documentary film crew. I Decided that year for mothers day to transfer all the old 8mm movies, without sound, of me mostly as a baby and kid. NO SOUND? There had to be underscoring in my life life story.
I sat with a Sony camcorder and 2 VCR’s, a tape deck and a mixer from Radio Shack and lots of wires and a TV.
Shortly after I went on tour in musical and documented the entire 6 month adventure. Looking back 20 years I'm glad I did. Once again the old set up came out and I had a 6 hour unreality reality show still talked about today (in some circles.)

I found I have a talent for this thing.

I have been in show business as a vocalist/entertainer and have toured the US in musicals and sang on cruise ships around the world or 7 years.

Being creative and imaginative are part of me which I lend to each project. 
So before you click! Remember, it’s time to Go Tapeless!!!